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Tire Technician

Tire Techs are at the core of everything we do at McGriff Tire & Service. From basic inspections, to tire repairs, and everything in between. McGriff Tire is a one stop service point for everything tire related and our techs are the ones that keep us moving. Click Apply Now to see positions available in your area. 

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Off the Road/OTR Technician

OTR Techs help us fill in the gaps between typical commercial tire repair services and the specialty parts and machines that exist in industrial and logistical settings. OTR Techs work with big equipment, forklifts, ag machinery and more. If you’re interested in this diverse and challenging position, click Apply Now to see more information about positions available near you.

Trailer Technician

McGriff Tire & Service’s ProFleet operations continue to expand. This turnkey fleet management program keeps our clients’ fleets on the road and their maintenance costs low. Trailer techs play an important part of fleet maintenance and requires a specialty skill set to be able to provide repairs to all the different types of trailers used today.  Click Apply Now to find out more. 

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Commercial Sales Representative

Growing a talented sales team is a challenge for any company, and McGriff Tire & Service is no different. Our level of customer service and satisfaction goes up and beyond what other companies offer and we need sales team members who maintain that same dedication. If you think you’re ready to join a growing family who’s committed to providing the very best, McGriff Tire & Service wants to hear from you.